The Three Countries by Bicycle project

The Three Countries by Bicycle project is the result of a trinational initiative led by the local authorities and tourist offices of the Three Countries Region. Together we aim to make the trinational region more attractive to cyclists from home and abroad. We work in four areas: infrastructure, services, promotion and evaluation.

Recognising the Importance of Cycling Infrastructure

The creation of new cycle routes, the ageing of equipment, many changes occur over the years. To
ensure that cyclists can continue to find their way around and reach their destination, signage along cycle paths must be maintained and updated. Our commitment is not only to complete directional signage where it is lacking, to maintain it and replace old signs, but also to diversify the offer by marking out new routes.

In addition, information boards are to be installed in a number of localities and in particular at border crossings with the aim of enabling cyclists to find their way around and discover local points of interest.

Improving Services

Welcoming cycle tourists also means guaranteeing quality services. Good accessibility, accommodation with bike storage, bike repair and rental facilities are all reasons why cyclists choose one destination over another. In this respect, there is close cooperation with stakeholders in the tourism sector to exchange best practices and improve the current offer.

Promoting Cycle Tourism in the Three Countries Region

The trinational conurbation has a lot to offer and has the potential to become an attractive destination for cyclists. In order to publicise and promote it, we distribute several communication tools via the tourist
offices, in particular a cycle map and a leaflet. Digital media, such as our website and social networks, also allow us to disseminate information to a wider audience. More directly, we are present at trade fairs and events related to cycle tourism.

Keeping Up with the Growth of Cycle Tourism

Thanks to numerous counting points and bicycle counters installed as part of the project, we are
monitoring the development of cycle tourism in the Three Countries Region route area. As the years go by, the figures make it possible to compare the data and draw up an assessment of the use of the routes in the region.